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More Branding

Unfortunately being sick this week, I missed the privilege of hearing Matt Shea speak. However I’ve picked up a couple things that my classmates have gladly shared and also on MattShea’s personal channel. I’ve learned that I myself can be a brand. Matt Shea himself took his passion of gaming and turned in into a… Read More More Branding


Accommodation in Tokyo

Like what the title states, I’ll be talking about where I stayed in Tokyo. Because I travelled with my family, it meant that we needed to find a place that could fit 4 adults and I knew it was going to be difficult. Japan was known for its tiny apartments compared to North American standards… Read More Accommodation in Tokyo

Posiel, Process Post

Building an Audience

It’s a common fact that it’s difficult to build an audience or a following. Even on Instagram, trying to get followers is difficult if there isn’t consistency in posting or your content is not appealing to viewers. The difficulty of trying to appeal to viewers is always a struggle for me, always second guessing my… Read More Building an Audience

Posiel, Process Post

What is this?

The struggle of making this blog was real. Having given a task to build a business is difficult, but deciding what the business will be is even more difficult. Because I had no services or physical items to sell, it really boiled down to me being a business and how I would build myself as… Read More What is this?


Hello world!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find all things travel and adventure related. To learn more about me and the destinations I’ve visited, click here. My first blog post will be up soon, here’s a hint about the location – it’s where the picture above was taken! Any guesses? See you next time!… Read More Hello world!