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Day 2: Sensō-ji Temple, Nakamise Shopping Street, Shinjuku

Our first full day in Tokyo!

We went out first to Sensō-ji Temple which was absolutely gorgeous. We went there at around 11 am, and it was already packed with people. It really is a gorgeous place full of history, but personally, as someone that is not too interested in history, it’s just a place beautiful to take pictures and inhale some of the “healing smoke“.

However, right next to it is Nakamise Shopping Street. It’s a street that sells traditional kimonos, wooden clogs, chiyogami and treats that compliment Sensōji temple and to me, this was super fun to walk around.

Entrance of Nakamise Shopping Street

We really took our time here to look at what each little stall had to offer! One note though – in Japanese culture people don’t walk and eat at the same time like western cultures. Food stands will often have a little space where you can stand and eat, and the venders will tell you to go there and they will stop you if you start walking and eating.

A Japanese traditional rice snack – I think it’s rice…

After this was Shinjuku!

Shinjuku streets

This is where the sad part comes in. Despite the beautiful weather in the morning, it ended up raining at night! It was really pretty though with all the lights, and the atmosphere was very busy. It really was an experience going through Shinkjuku station during rush hour! Because it was raining and there were large crowds, we didn’t stay for long.

Overall the morning was incredible and the weather was on our side. It’s disappointing that our night wasn’t the same. The next day we head to Tsukiji Fish Market and shopping in Ginza!

See you in my next post!


I will only be writing about the main attractions that I went to. Mostly because my memory restricts me from remembering where I went apart from the main spots. I blame my fuzzy memory! 😅

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