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Day 3: Tsukiji Fish Market, Kappabashi Kitchen Street, Ginza shopping! + rainy Harujuku

Today we venture outside of the Yamanote line  in order to go to  Tsukiji Fish Market! The market is a known tourist attraction where can see the live fish auction and other wholesale markets. Outside the market there are numerous food stalls filled with amazing seafood dishes.

A ginormous tuna head – not for the faint hearted (my apologies 🙏)

We headed there at around 11 am; none of us are morning people, so no way were we going to wake up for the tuna auction. We did get to go the the wholesale market and got to witness a huge fish (I’m guessing tuna) get cut and filleted. Super amazing experience! Afterwards we went around the different food stalls and had our breakfast there. I tried the scallops and eel and it was amazing. We also stayed for lunch and we went to a restaurant that was good, but pricy. I definitely think lunch could’ve been cheaper, but because my dad absolutely hates waiting in lines, we went into a restaurant that didn’t have a queue.

Takeaway: The Tsukiji fish market is totally worth going to. Also, long lines = good food (I assume). It also smells like fish (no brainer), so if you’re not used to fishy smells or seeing raw seafood, be prepared!


Next up, Kappabashi Kitchen street!

Kappabashi Kitchen street is exactly what it sound like. A street full of kitchen things. Although this isn’t a top tourist attraction, both my parents love cooking and looking at kitchenware, so this place was a must go for them.

A store on Kappabashi street

To be honest, not much to say about Kappabashi street because I honestly don’t remember much of it. One thing to mention though is that Japan is king at making fake food display items. They actually look real! They’re also quite pricey but for a good reason.

Takeaway: Not really worth going if you don’t like kitchen items. (my brother got bored)

Next up, Ginza!

Known as the big shopping central. It’s filled with big brand names and also where the 12 floor flagship Uniqlo store is. Each floor is filled with clothes and there’s also a place where you can customize your clothing too!

I discovered another store after Uniqlo and thats GU. GU as I found out later, is the sister brand of Uniqlo, but less expensive and targeted towards the younger demographic. I found that GU’s style was a bit more expressive. If you’re the type to like basic and timeless pieces, Uniqlo is more catered towards a basic style. GU reminds me of Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters combined into one shop.

The flagship UNIQLO store in Ginza

Takeaway: Uniqlo is great and all, but have you met his little sister GU? Way better. (my opinion) Also don’t be me and not go to Muji. (so little time, so many regrets)

And here comes the sad part of the day…

Again, like yesterday, the weather was great in the morning but disappointing at night. We headed to Harajuku at night around 5pm, but it was pouring rain. All the cute stores and street food stalls were closing up. We ended up going to Daiso (amazing store btw) and that ended our day.

Takeaway: Go to Harajuku in the morning. But also go to Daiso (10/10 recommend for snacks and everything really) .

Look out for Day 4: Shibuya Crossing, Ueno Park, Ameya-Yokochō and Akihabara!

See you in my next post!



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