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Day 4: Ueno Park, Ameya-Yokochō, Akihabara

A new day has begun! And finally one full day with no rain.

We first head off to Ueno Park in hopes to see the last little bit of the cherry blossoms. I think I saw one tree, not even in the main parts of the park that had cherry blossoms. We had nice, relaxing walk and even saw street performances.


Takeaway: If you’re wanting to see cherry blossoms, you probably won’t see any at Ueno park after early April. It’s a very nice park though!

Next up: Ameyoko Street or traditionally known as Ameyayokocho Street.

According to this site ,which I’ve used religiously, ameya yokocho translates to candy shop alley, as this street traditionally sold candy. Currently, it’s a market street that sells various things such as food, clothes, bags, shoes and cosmetics.

I really enjoyed looking at the different stalls and while it may seem similar to Nakamise shopping street, it actually gives off an entirely different vibe in that Ameyoko street is more modern.

Takeaway: If you’re tight on time I would just go to Nakamise Shopping street. It so much more unique there! If you’re passing by Ikebukuro it’s somewhat similar to that.

Next up: Akihabara!

We actually walked from Ameyoko to Akihabara and that was an interesting experience. Walking through empty streets was fun, but I don’t recommend if if you’re not with a group of people. It’s not scary, but just to be safe.


Takeaway: Must go place! I would revisit this place and go visit some cafés! (with friends of course 😏)

Tomorrow we go to DisneySea!

See you in my next post!



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