5 reasons why I HAVE to study abroad

Studying abroad is one thing that I HAVE to do in my student life. Here are 5 reasons why.


I currently live with my parents and my brother. Both my brother and I go to the same university and it’s close enough that I don’t need to dorm. I definitely didn’t get the typical college life that you see in movies – partying, staying out with friends and going on trips. Because my older brother is a homebody, he makes it seem that I go out all the time even though I know that’s not the case at all. I have early curfews and it doesn’t help that I live far away from downtown or transit in general. Either way, I have never experienced the challenges of living alone that others have in their 20’s and it’s about time I experience it too.


If you know me, you probably know that I travel more than the average person. It’s both a blessing and a curse that my extended family live on the other side of the world. Most of my extended family live in Hong Kong which enables me to travel to other countries nearby. I’ve been to Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai. I also have several cousins in Australia and it’s led me to visit them. Of course, it also helps that I have really supportive parents who also love traveling. Doing an exchange would be the best option for me to travel and gain credits towards my degree. My goal is to travel as much as I can!


I absolutely love immersing myself into new culture. It’s probably the the top reasons why I travel. I love seeing how other people live and eat. How people live and their routines can really share what people find important. Cuisine tells a lot about people and what their tastes are. I also love looking at architecture and the history that it tells. The older the better (imo – since I live in a newer city)!


I’ve always been interested in education systems around the world. My cousins who were educated in Hong Kong and is currently studying in Australia were able to compare and contrast the difference between education systems. Even my brother was able to experience a different education system because he studied a year of high school in Spain. I definitely want to be able to diversify the places I’ve studied and be able to learn more about how I learn and what fits my personality.

5. WHO THE F*** AM I?

(AKA personal development) Having a routine has its benefits, however I’m definitely feeling bored of my routine. My 20’s is the perfect time to explore and learn more about myself. Because I’m always following a routine, I feel like I’m not challenging myself at all. The most problematic situation that I find myself in is probably what to eat or how to beat the traffic. Studying abroad would definitely throw me into situations that I’m not used to and force me to problem solve. I’m hoping to be more self aware of my personality and how I would react in situations.

I hope to be studying abroad in the semester of spring of 2020! Stay in tune to see if everything goes well. 🙏

– Janette

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