Blogdentity Crisis.

I might be going through blogdentity crisis. What is a blogtendity crisis? It’s the combination of identity + blog = blogdentity.

I initially started this travel blog for a class I was taking at SFU – Pub 201. It was such amazing class and I learned so much about building a brand, highly recommend it! Fast forward a year and now I have no idea what to do with this blog. I was intending to start blogging again this May about my travels to Asia which would’ve been my first trip without my family.

What my blog used to look like. Still love the picture from Nerja, Spain though!

However January 2019 comes along. I went snowboarding. I did me dirty by going a little wild on the jumps – something that I usually don’t do. Ended up with a fractured back. So there goes a wasted semester. I couldn’t go to work or go to class. All I did was stay at home, sleep, eat and watch Netflix. It sounds great for the first 2 months, but after that you get a bit stir crazy.

Now back to the blog. I obviously can’t blog about my upcoming travels, since I don’t have any. I might go back to posting about travels when I’m ready. Right now I don’t have anything that I’m really passionate about, or good at either. I could blog about my life but my life is insanely boring.

One thing I am certain about. I’m 98% positive that no one will read this post other than myself. So here’s a message to me: do whatever the f*** you want.

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