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A review of a review – Carly Camera

In January I had the privilege of review Carly Camera’s blog and she had the chance to review mine. Today I’ll be “reviewing” her review, so stating my opinion on her review of my blog.

  1. Carly mentions that for my itinerary,”she could have provided more details, as I felt like I needed a bit more information after reading her post”.

I totally agree. This review was done before I did any day to day posts and I am currently posting day to day itineraries to provide more detail.

2. A touch of colour…

I also agree on this. Carly has convinced me to add more colour into my blog and currently I have bright blue borders to brighten it up.

3. Site feature photo is too large

Again, totally agreed. I’ve noticed that it takes quite a bit of scrolling to reach my posts. I’ve changed the layout of my feature photo and cropped it.

4. site logo being TT instead of JL

This is where I differ in opinion. I totally understand where Carly is coming from though. It makes sense that my blog, being named tiny travels Β have the initial TT instead of my name. However, the reason that I made my logo JL is because I think it makes it more personal. In the future, I’d like to use the logo for other uses, like branding posts and perhaps my logo having a special meaning.

Overall Carly has really pointed out the aspects of my blog that I have totally missed and I’m so grateful for her review!


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