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A review of a review – Ready and Queue!

This time around, I’m going to be going over the review of my blog that Alice from Ready and Queue: Through Alice’s Looking Glass wrote.Β 

  • Colour on logo

Alice thinks that having a colourful logo to highlight the excitement and positivity of travelling, which is true, and I agree. I’d definitely like to explore more logo choices when I get the chance to create more.

She also suggests that I create a bigger version of the infograph I created which I’m open to doing. Currently I have it in my footer but like Alice said, if I post it on Instagram, it could be a great way for visual marketing.

Alice also mentions that only having travel content on my front page would be more beneficial for my blog and I am planning on doing that once the course is over.

Alice also mentions possible monetization methods for me such as sponsored travel destinations, travel agencies and hotels. I really like her idea and I’m definitely open to those ideas!

Alice’s critiques and compliments are encouraging and I’m glad that she’s enjoying my blog!



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