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Building an Audience

It’s a common fact that it’s difficult to build an audience or a following. Even on Instagram, trying to get followers is difficult if there isn’t consistency in posting or your content is not appealing to viewers. The difficulty of trying to appeal to viewers is always a struggle for me, always second guessing my content and not posting in fear of people not liking what I post.

Fans become fans because they who you are, which leads them to liking your content. Like in Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True Fans”, to become successful, you don’t need millions of fans, all you need is a thousand of true fans.

But what I realize is that creating content isn’t easy, it takes practice and refinement to finally reach the final point of being content with the content created.  From “Creativity Inc.” by Amy Wallace and Edwin Catmull, there’s an excerpt where Ed Catmull talks about creativity and Pixar. He states that “creativity is more like a marathon than a sprint” and I’m more aware now that being creative takes a lot of work. While it looks very effortless, it’s a tremendous amount of work. It’s a process, rather than a routine.

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