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Carly Camera: A review

{Am I even qualified to give a review of someone else’s blog?}  But anyway, here goes: A review of Carly Camera.


At first glance, the website layout is very simple, classic with very soothing colours such as orange in her headers and titles and green in the photos she uses. In Carly’s blog, I can see that she has used many of  John Rapton’s design principles in  “12 Principles of Great Brand Design”. 

  1. Stay Classic: John Rapton describes this as not design trends that are very current and bright but rather “colors with staying power” such as neutrals which is what Carly did so that the current design could be used throughout decades.
  2. Stick to no more than two colors: Carly did use this principle as she only has one colour that she uses, and that’s orange. It’s a very soothing colour but I feel like she can have one more colour as an accent colour to complement the orange. Because she only uses orange, I feel like for smaller headings it blends into the white background. I would suggest a darker colour such as a forest green to complement her earthy palette.
  3. Leave plenty of white space: The blog has plenty of white space which now looks plain, but I feel like in the future, as the number of her blog posts and images increase, the space will fill out beautifully leaving the perfect amount of white space.
  4. Warm or cool tones: The colours Carly chose are quite warm, giving a very boho and lived in feeling. The fact that she used plants as her images for her posts suggest to me that she likes nature. In one of her process posts, she has a vision board that includes the words “warm, earthy, comfort, vintage and rustic” which I see in her blog.
CarlyCamera’s vision

Overall, Carly’s design choices fit very well with her vision and what she wants to build as a brand.


First off all, Carly’s about page is well written. It clearly states why she created this blog, her mission statement, and what content she is going to post. I also liked how she explained about how she would be writing process posts, her “successes, mistakes and struggles” throughout the process of creating her blog.

So far, Carly only has process posts on her blog so I’m only able to review her process of her creating a brand. I can totally empathize with her feelings of creating a brand. She states that it’s “extremely difficult for [her] to suddenly see [her]self as a commodity” and that she can’t “see [her]self as a brand” which I can totally understand. I think it takes time for everyone to develop and gain the mindset of ourselves being a brand and I’m glad that I am not alone in this!

I’m super excited to see the growth of Carly’s blog and I’m excited to see where it goes as a brand!

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