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More Branding

Unfortunately being sick this week, I missed the privilege of hearing Matt Shea speak. However I’ve picked up a couple things that my classmates have gladly shared and also on MattShea’s personal channel.

I’ve learned that I myself can be a brand. Matt Shea himself took his passion of gaming and turned in into a brand, a platform where he built himself as a top gamer. It’s no surprise that YouTubing is his full time job. With the time and effort that it takes to make a video, let alone multiple videos a week, I would think that it requires constant development. Another touchy subject is revenue, advertising and sponsored content. For viewers and subscribers of MattShea, or any content creator, they want to get genuine reviews. When it’s revealed that a video is sponsored, viewers are concerned that creators are promoting the product/service because they’re getting paid. This issue still remains in YouTube today.

It’s a lot of work and effort being a YouTuber and it comes with many responsibilities and concerns and I’m excited to see Matt Shea’s channel grow!

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