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Ready and Queue! Through Alice’s Looking Glass

This time I have the great privilege of reviewing Alice’s blog: Ready and Queue! Through Alice’s Looking Glass. 

At first glance, Alice’s blog is very visual oriented which is great because on her blog, she mainly reviews TV shows and movies. The large pictures really draw attention to the post and it fits clearly into what the post is talking about.


One thing that I noticed is that it takes a bit of scrolling to get to her content. Her front page picture is beautiful, but a bit bigger than what’s needed. I would suggest using a smaller picture in order to see more of her content.

Ashley from The Books Less Travelled had previously mentioned that she felt like Alice’s blog could have more brand defining colours, but I actually disagree with Ashley. In my opinion the dark background really brings out the vivid colours of the images and  it draws more attention to the readers eyes.

Ashley also suggests only publishing posts that are finished on the blog and I totally agree on that. Alice has several posts that are public but don’t have content on them. Like Ashley said, I suggest putting them as a draft so viewers don’t click on an empty page.

Her about page is great, I love how it’s simple and how it hints at what her blog is about, leaving the viewers to explore her blog.

Looking at Alice’s social media, her Instagram seems to be the only social media she has linked to her blog. It appears to be a personal Instagram, which is great for showing a more personal side of herself. Myself, I find that I often go to Twitter when in search for TV show or movie conversations so maybe that could be useful for her to gain an audience and to join in on conversations.

Throughout looking at this blog, I think that Alice doesn’t have a plan to monetize this blog right now, but if she is interested in monetizing this blog in the future, I think a possible method would be through sponsorships such as invitation to movie premiers or exclusive coverage of the premier.

Overall Alice’s website has been well built and structured. With more constant posting and effectively cross promoting on social media, I feel like her brand would grow even greater. Super excited to see how Ready and Queue grows in the future!




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