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This week we had a visit from Echo Storytelling Agency, a company that builds the story of a brand. Several brands that they have worked with are Lululemon, Purdy’s, Joey Restaurants and London Drugs. What they essentially do is build a brand story which is: a cohesive narrative that encompasses facts and feelings that are created by the brand itself. Here are a couple takeaways from their talk:

Brand stories are:

  • Written by employees; customers never write the brand story, it’s how others view your brand
  • Emotional
  • Memorable
  • Retell-able

Elements of a brand story:

  • Your own story: who you are, where you came from, what you stand for and what you do
  • Your customers story: who they are, what they want and need, their emotional needs
  • Various narrative pillar: the messages you come back to again and again, ideally with the power to emotionally connect with your audience

Well told brand story:

  • Clearly and simply explains what the brand is about
  • Goes beyond product and service
  • Makes the audience feel something (ideally good)
  • Makes the audience what to do something: join, buy

It was really interesting listening to what they do and how we can apply it to our own brands. I ended up signing up for Echo Storytelling Agency’s Online Storytelling course and have been super excited receiving their emails!


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