Posiel, Process Post

What is this?

The struggle of making this blog was real. Having given a task to build a business is difficult, but deciding what the business will be is even more difficult. Because I had no services or physical items to sell, it really boiled down to me being a business and how I would build myself as a brand. But can I build myself as a brand? Am I even qualified to be a brand? Those thoughts popped into my head instantly when I started to think of myself as a brand and they continue to be in my head.

Now that I’ve chosen to focus this blog on travel and destinations, I want to develop this blog into a place where individuals can look for tips and advice on where to go and to get objective travel reviews.

My goal for this blog and Pub 201 is not to make a money making business, but rather to understand how to manage a social identity and brand and be able to expand off of it. With this blog I aspire to grow in skills in managing an online platform.



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